January 20, 2011

JR's Loghouse (Norcross, GA) :: Review

JR's Loghouse
6601 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071

To make this simple, the good thing about JR's is the stew. If you come here make sure you get the stew, and make sure you don't get the ribs. That's pretty much all you need to know, but I'll go into a little more detail below.

The Restaurant
I will give this place props because its good for big groups. We came here with about 8 people and there were several very large tables to easily accommodate us. The wait staff was also very friendly and did a great job of refilling all of our drinks. The whole log cabin vibe is kind of fun and they had a huge flat screen TV for me to watch as I waited on my guests.

The Food
Fist off, the sweet tea meets the Southern standard. We tried the ribs and they were awful, sorry but they were. Tough, not much meat, I didn't eat more than one. The one thing I finished on my plate was the stew. This would be the place to go if you're in the mood for some tasty and hearty Brunswick stew. The macaroni and cheese was decent in my opinion too, I'd definitely order it again. Others in my party didn't like it though, so maybe it's more of a personal preference.

Two reasons to come: Stew and huge TVs.

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